The 5 Habits Make Your Life Better

This is my first post and today I would like to share about the good habit. This thing is very important for me because the habits can make my and your life better, I am serious about it guys 🙂

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Many people say the habit made a person’s character, yes I agreed with it. The habits also determine the success of someone in the future. I trust and believe with people who saying good habits = success.

Today we will discuss some of the good habits in our life and some of us maybe do every day which can make us better and of course happier.


Life is very short, so do not let your life run out to do the bad routine of habits.

1. Wake up in the morning.

This first point is hard to execute, even very hard to do by most people including me. A few days ago, I read an article that tells about: why a corporate leader in general always waking up in the morning. Apparently, waking up in the morning can provide a sense of happiness for humans. For some religious people, getting up early can also give them enough time to worship. It’s the best time to start anything when your competitor sleep 🙂

4am-5am is an excellent time to manage your daily activy. In the morning, things are very quiet and it’s perfect for doing important things like calculating time for your daily activities.

2. Priorities Notes

Its still connected with the point number 1. Make a daily work priorities plan or create the important notes. We recommend that you already have a monthly or weekly work agenda. However, you should create a daily plan in detail and precisely. The heavy tasks/works should be placed in the beginning of your day when your energy is full and you are still fully concentrated.

3. Sharing with others.

Anyone knows that sharing with others is an excellent thing. Some of the richest people in the world also doing this habit. We are aware how Bill Gates family created a foundation to help others, or how Warren Buffett also doing the same thing. So, if you want to be happy, wealthy and help others, then share your things to others. Your alms can make other people help, so you will also get help from others when you need it. God is fair

One more thing, one of the richest people secret is: more you give then more you get! More about sharing here….

4. Always think positive.

Successful and happy people always have a good soul and brain. They “rarely” negative thinking to others. Positive thinking also makes our lives calmer. Was was a taste resulting from a sense of peace. And positive thinking is the solution.

Rest and Healthy Food

Our life requires much energy which comes from the food we eat. A proper diet is very much needed but most people do not care about they healthy lifestyle, they are also ignore a good-timeline of eating.

If you want to live healthy, happy, and full of energy, get to eat regularly. If you want your life to be organized, then start by paying attention to your daily eating habits.

The last one is the rest time management, you know what I mean, take enough time to rest at night, put your phone far from your side, turn off the TV and your lamp, and just rest. Give your body to rest and please respect for it.

One more, don’t forget to pray. Praying is the lance of every successful person. Do not think they do not pray; If you want to live orderly and produce a good results. So do good to God every day!

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