About Me

AdrianaTo you who do not “know” me, I’ll just tell you a little about myself. My name is Adriana, I am 24 years old and lives in a nice apartment with my lovely son Chris in Trafalgar. This is my first blog, which I have started recently. Hopefully, my blog can become quite familiar, and it can make me proud of it and very pleased. I mostly blog about my life and what it’s like to be a young mother, so I’m what it’s called a mommy blogger. In addition to blogging about my experience as a mother, I also blog about fashion, makeup products, food recipes and whatever else may be.

I’m good at working with other people, very loyal, outgoing and a loving girl with both legs on earth. Day by day, I like to think the positives of life because everything comes with a reason. I also believe that if I start to be positive, my surroundings will follow the positivity.

My son is called Chris, and he is the lovely boy of the world, hold where I love him. My blog was a big success from the start, among other things, because I once participated in the Paradise hotel where people have really followed me since. I got my son with one of the other participants in there, we lived together for 3 years, but the relationship did not go so we walked apart, and today we have good cooperation and are good friends.